tooling, precision enable composites in satellite subsystems

MDA’s Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, location designs composites-intensive satellite antenna subsystems for the company’s various satellite designs. To build these subsystems, which include the reflector dishes themselves and various other composite parts, Steven Payette, composites manufacturing engineer for MDA Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, says the company uses “a building block style” approach.

The work at MDA’s Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue facility focuses largely on engineering and design. MDA designs 3D models for each antenna, engineers the parts and designs the tooling. Most of the composite parts are produced out-of-house with industry partner STELIA North America (Mirabel, Quebec, Canada), which manufactures the composite parts for the satellites. “So what we’ll get from STELIA is a flat panel with a bunch of strange shapes cut out of it,” Payette explains (see photo, above). “STELIA will machine through the laminate and leave the core in place, and we’ll cut out the pieces — almost like a model airplane, where all the parts come on a plastic rack and you’ve got to cut them out.”

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Stelia Aerospace North america - Community Statement - Covid-19

STELIA North America’s priority is the health and safety of its staff, their families and the community of which we are proud to be a part of. We are in the midst of a Global health crisis and simultaneously entering in to significant economic crises; we must work together to ensure safety and prosperity in our community. With that, we wanted to share with our community, the steps we have taken during these difficult times:

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Stelia Aerospace continues to develop in Canada, participating in new R&T project "AILE" with Bombardier

Through its two Canadian subsidiaries*, STELIA Aerospace has just started a project with BOMBARDIER in the frame of a new collaborative research project, the AILE project (Aile Intelligente et Légère pour l’Environnement or Intelligent and Light Wing for Environment). This project, part of the third phase of the mobilising Project for an eco-friendly aircraft SA2GE-3 (Systèmes Aéronautiques d’Avant-Garde pour l’Environnement or Cutting-edge Aeronautical Systems for Environment), supported by the government of Québec, will be part of a 3 year partnership and will consist for STELIA Aerospace in the production of a high-lift trailing edge flap made of thermoplastic composite, destined to a test bed for Bombardier.

20200206 – PRESS RELEASE – STELIA Aerospace new R&T Project AILE with Bombardier


Stelia Aerospace North america - 1st Open House

20160707 – PRESS RELEASE – STELIA Aerospace North America_1st Open House

STELIA Aerospace North America receives Government of Canada support for freezer storage expansion